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I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and I am currently working on my Doctor of Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas. I come from a small town near Houston. I grew up in a tight knit family with a strong religious background. I have 1 younger brother & 1 younger sister. I also grew up around dogs, cats, and just about any farm animal you can think of. I have been babysitting since I was about 12 years old. I have covered an age range of about 5 mo. to 16 y/o. I am a people person and genuinely care about those around me. My schedule is super flexible, as I am looking for random evenings or nights that work best around my test/school schedule. Contacting me by Text or email with Your Name and Number is easiest for me to see! :)

I am super fun and outgoing when it comes to activities. My sister is 8 years younger than me, so growing up with her was daily practice as a babysitter. When I am babysitting, I love to offer suggestions to the kids, but usually go along with whatever they want to do (unless Mom & Dad said no). From my experience, I usually focus more on inside activities with younger kids. I will do crafts with them, play with toys, play dress up, etc. with occasional breaks outside. With older kids I will do things like movies, games/sports outside, video games, or even just sitting and talking to them. When everyone is sleeping I will usually do any homework or studying until the parents relieve me.

I cheered and played softball my whole life up until college (including some intramurals in college). I have given softball pitching & batting lessons (and still would). I have also worked at a tumbling gym as a cheer coach for a couple of years. In years past, I have given swimming lessons to two of the kids that I babysit for. A hidden talent of mine is my art. I enjoy painting and crafting in any free time I get. I also am a certified Athletic Trainer, which covers anything dealing with sports medicine or injuries related to physical activity.

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CPR First Aid

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