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I just graduated from Cherry Creek High School and am excited to attend Colgate University in the fall. I spent my junior year of High School abroad in Zaragoza, Spain, with a program called School Year Abroad where I experienced full cultural and linguistic immersion. I tutored Spanish students in the English language twice a week, and I also spent a couple hours after school at the local YMCA helping out underprivileged elementary school aged kids with their homework and played games. These experiences really sparked my interest in working with children. I love nannying because it is the most fun job I have ever worked- I spent last summer in Denver working as a hostess at an upscale restaurant, and while it taught me some great lessons, it was nowhere near as enjoyable as working with kids. I do well connecting to kids and making them feel cared for and have fun. I have spent time babysitting my whole life, and I have many families who seek me for sporadic jobs but I would love to either find more and possibly a more steady, recurring job. I have spent time running errands and helping set up parties for many moms and I really enjoy helping out all around.

I love to play games like hide and seek or board games such as monopoly. I have spent a lot of time at the pool with kids and I enjoy swimming and playing water games, getting ice cream, cooking, doing learning activities/games, and playing sports.

I am fluent in Spanish and used to be an avid tennis player, so I have retained some skills. I also used to play lacrosse and field hockey which I enjoy picking up now and again.

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Colgate University

Christian - Protestant

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