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Hi my name is Tati and I am currently a student enrolled in college at the University of Denver! I have experience working with children from different age groups. At my church I volunteered as a teacher's assistant to the middle school youth group while their parents were enjoying the church service. Occasionally I would act as a floater and work in the nursery or with younger kids if their lead teacher needed a TA. I also volunteered at the local elementary school and watched the kids whenever they would have a half day of school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with children, they remind me to stay young at heart. I enjoy being playful with children and having fun doing arts and crafts projects with them or reading to them! I am able to speak some Spanish I am also minoring in Spanish. I am currently spending my summer in Lakewood!

I like to keep kids entertained with games that are interactive such as board games or playing around outside. I am also a huge fan of arts and crafts projects and reading activities as well. I also like to stay active with kids such as going for walks or throwing a ball around outside.I like to do activities that don't require staring at a screen for hours on end.

I played soccer for 5 years and then once I started high school I did ballet and modern dance for 3 years which I enjoyed a lot. I also love to bake and would like to bake cookies or brownies with your child.

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