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I am an alumni of the sorority of Alpha Chi Omega and currently a nursing major. Im very outgoing and love new adventures. I babysat all through high school and took a break during my first two years in college, but am ready to get back into it!

arts and crafts play boardgames bake cookies go swimming go to the park take field trips to child(s) favorite place (i.e jump street, Nickel-Rama)

Physical Development: arts and crafts are a good way to implement educational activities in a fun way Interpersonal: excellent communication skills (when a child is in distress I will use a calm tone to figure out what is wrong and talk them through it) I have a genuine passion for kids which makes it easy for me to connect with a child and overall love my job as a nanny!

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Alpha Chi Omega

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Cooking Errands House Sitting Organizing Tutoring