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I am a junior in college at the university of Denver but am from originally Baltimore, Maryland. I currently am studying abroad in vi a Del Mar, chile and will return to Denver in January! I have two years experience being a camp counselor at an all girls two month sleep away camp in main called Fernwood. I was am a waterskiing counselor which requires an extreme amount of responsibility. I have experience babysitting and I have a car and am able to do other household chores if need be. I am a psychology and sociology major with a minor in Spanish and I want to be a high school guidance counselor when I enter the career stage of my life. I all around am a fun loving, positive and responsible person and I love all kinds of pets and obviously I think kids are awesome.

As a camp counselor I am a pro at entertaining kids. I will abide to any guidelines that you give if you want them to have limited screen time I can help them with their homework, play outside, we can read together, board games or hide and seek I am very creative so we will always find something to do!

I don't have any musical abilities or artistic experience but I played field hockey and lacrosse in high school and I swam as well. Although I do not have experience with art or music I am totally capable with helping with all kinds of homework at every level and help practice all sports. I can cook basic foods and do laundry. I am pretty much capable of anything you need me to do!

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