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Hi there! My name is Louisa and I'm currently a third year student at The University Of Denver. I'm a media studies major with an English minor. I'm originally from New Jersey, however, my family moved to England shortly after I was born for my dad's job. I lived there until I graduated high school and now I'm happy to be back in the US. My experience working with kids is quite extensive. In the summers of 2013 and 2014 I was a Counselor In Training at Fernwood Cove, a traditional all girls sleep-away summer camp in Maine, which I attended as a camper from 2008-2012. After my training, I became an official camp counselor in 2016 and I'm currently in the middle of my second summer as a counselor in 2017. In 2016 I taught guitar, drums, bass, and a bit of piano to girls aged 8-15. I was also a bunk counselor for a 7th grade bunk. This summer I'm the department head of music. I continue to teach kids music but I'm also in charge of keeping track of equipment, purchases, and overseeing other music counselors in my department. This summer I'm a bunk counselor for 8th graders. Not only have I worked with kids at summer camp but also at my K-12 school. Throughout the school years of 2014-2015 I was an assistant guitar teacher. I worked with kids aged 7-14. In 2015 I was also an assistant teacher in a 2nd grade class. There I learned how to lead English, science, and math lessons. Lastly, I babysat regularly for a family with one 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. From working with kids at camp, at school, and babysitting, I love teaching and hanging out with them. I feed off their energy and love the accomplished feeling of when a child I'm working with accomplishes their goal.

While watching kids I like to play board games such as Life or Solitaire. My favorite indoor game to play with kids is charades. It gives kids a chance to be silly while trying to represent a movie, book, or show in a strategical manner. I also love to be outside with kids whether that's throwing a ball outside with the dog, playing sports, or taking a trip to the park. I'm also a huge fan of arts and crafts. Painting and tie dye are a couple of favorites of mine. I'm up for anything the kids want to do as long as it's active, doesn't involve cell phones or TV, and engages all players. I find it's most important to do activities that gets kids moving and uses most motor skills because they've most likely been sitting down in a chair at school all day.

I've played the drums for 8 years and guitar for 4. I've had years of experiencing teaching both. I'm in the process of teaching myself piano lessons as well. In high school I was a 4 year varsity athlete on the soccer and basketball team. By senior year I was captain of both teams and earned back to back MVP for basketball. I've lead a handful of soccer and basketball birthday parties so I have a few games up my sleeve. I never took art classes in school but I love to draw and do cool art lessons I find on YouTube.

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