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Hi everyone, my name is Hailey Garza, I am student at the University of Arkansas; however I am from Dallas, TX. I am pursuing a philosophy degree but I am on the pre-med track. I have 3 brothers, two younger, so I have always had to look after them growing up and now. I think this has really helped in knowing how to take part in child care. I also babysit for a Jazzercise center in the child care area while the class is being taught.

I like to play board games with them, play outside, play with any toys they may have. Anything that has to deal with imagination and even play sports. I can help them with homework, or anything they need help with.

I have played sports all my life-basketball, volleyball, softball, and swimming. I am a pre-med student so I can help with math or sciences that may be higher level. I can teach swim lessons, I have had previous experience and was on a competitive team.

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Christian - Catholic

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