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I am a sophomore at Stanford University and I play on the Varsity Women's Soccer team. I am in Kappa Kappa Gamma and love every part of Stanford. I am a Communication Major and hope to become a Sports Broadcaster when I am out of college but would also love to play professional either here in the US or travel overseas to play. I have grown up surrounded by family and family one of the (if not) the most important part of my life. My family is very supportive of everything I do we are all very close. I have an older sister who is 22 and is my absolute best friend. I have grown up babysitting my younger cousins and family friends. One which is a girl who has Cystic Fibrosis and I have been left alone with her for a night and her brother, doing all of her medicine so I do have good experience of babysitting. I adore kids and think they are so cute. I also love dogs and cats as I have 2 dogs at home and 1 cat. I am from San Jose, CA so I live 30 minutes from Stanford when I am not at school, I love the idea of being close to home as I can train at Stanford over the summer to get ready for fall soccer season. Experiences with babysitting: - since I was 14 years old (about 5 years going on 6) -comfortable with any age -have been babysitting a family of 4 boys ages 2 and 1/2, 6,8, and 11 -when home babysit for family friends including a little girl 4 years old who has cystic fibrosis and her brother who is 8, the little girl has extensive medicine routines that I can fully handle on my own. -I also can train for soccer -coached soccer camps at Stanford and have done private lessons before

Honestly I love doing anything. Whatever the kids desire. I do love coloring and arts and crafts, but I also love going outside and playing games/sports as I do it all the time for soccer. I like cooking/baking. I think it is fun.

I said this in About Me, but I am a soccer player here at Stanford University and I also have played/ do still play with the US youth WNT. I played on the U15-U20 teams and now I am playing with the U23 WNT for US soccer and hope to be playing on the Full Team soon or at least get a chance with the full team. So that is definitely my main talent.

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