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My name is Julia Maggioncalda and I am a senior at Stanford University. I grew up in Palo Alto and went to Gunn High School, so I am very familiar with the area. I am studying Psychology and am specializing in Health and Development-- I absolutely adore kids and plan to work with them in the future. In the spring of my gap year, I lived with my aunt and two little cousins. I took care of my cousins-- took them to school, cooked for them, helped them with their homework, did their laundry, played with them, put them to bed-- so that my aunt, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, was able to undergo reconstructive foot surgery and have time to recover. She now lives life in much less pain. Being a "substitute mom" for my cousins has been by far the biggest source of purpose I have felt in my life. I loved caring for them and I loved knowing that I was helping my aunt so she could live a higher-quality life post-surgery. I have the ability to play and be goofy with kids yet maintain boundaries and stick to my word. I believe that gaining respect from kids is the key to forming a healthy relationship. They need to believe that I mean what I say and will follow through with my claims. I am comfortable working with kids of all ages.

I love to engage and play with them! I usually prefer to spend time outside with them. I try to minimize the amount of time kids spend watching TV or playing on a device. Human interactions are essential for proper social and cognitive development, which technology takes away from in today's society.

I love to play sports, paint, do arts and crafts, dance, listen, talk, give advice, clean, drive, hike, spend time outside, do yoga. I do my best to treat everyone I interact with kindly and give them my full attention.

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