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Hello! I am a 24 year old mother to my 4 year old daughter, Averie. I am currently a full time student at UCLA, I work as a legal clerk at a law firm during the week, and I am a server at a restaurant on the weekends. The free time that I have is during the week after school. At that time I am typically at home with my daughter, and I would love to help watch another child or children that would benefit from spending time playing and learning with my daughter and I. I am most comfortable watching children ages 6 months up through 12. I would be the perfect sitter for someone that has an event or a date during the week and needs a safe and loving home for their child for a few hours.

I am very thankful to be living in the UCLA family village, which is a gated community of mostly medical school families and grad school families. Because it is an apartment complex meant for children, there is two playgrounds within the complex as well as a basketball court and a pool. This provides many fun activities within the safety of the complex. Once it gets dark and the kids all go indoors, we usually sit down to do homework, eat dinner, play hide and seek to get any remaining energy out before getting ready for bed. At that point I allow the watching of one educational show (nature cat, planet earth, etc.) to wind the body down and prepare for sleep.

I have classical vocal experience, I sing soul music as a hobby, I can play a little bit of the piano and guitar, I also have tutoring experience in mathematics and english.

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