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Hi! My name is Brennan Heil. I have been babysitting for as long as I can remember. I began working professionally around the age of 12, my first customers were family friends with two children. I watched them for around 5 years, and picked up other families on the way. When I was 14 I began tutoring kids in third grade and under. Then, when I began high school I started tutoring kids of all ages, including my own, in subjects I excelled most at: Math, Science, and History. Not only did I work with them on homework, but I also worked on tactics to help focus in class, improve participation overall, and improve student excellence. Most of my students began with C and D grades, and would finish off the year with A's and B's. A testiment to their commitment and my variety of teaching tactics. About me: I am a 19-year-old college sophomore studying Communications with a minor in Political Science at USC. I love singing, acting, horseback riding, and skiing. When I'm not working or in school, I can be found running, reading a strange new book, or socializing with some friends. I love the outdoors and am high energy. I also grew up on a ranch, picking fruits and veggies in the morning, riding my horse daily, and being responsible for my appointments, meals, and pets; which has driven hard work, responsibility, and random knowledge into my personality. I love teaching kids new things and finding new ways to explore the mind. The most important thing with the new generation of children is to engage them beyond the media, and that is exactly my goal when I babysit. Whether it is with new exciting ways to learn math, or learning how to kick a soccer ball properly, children's minds wish to be engaged and challenged - so that is exactly what I provide. I love creativity, I love problem-solving, and I love exciting new adventures.

Arts & Crafts, Math Games, Sports (soccer, basketball, baseball, dance, and hula-hooping are my specialties), Board Games, Homework, Pictionary, and cards. Cook, bake, and clean. Take trips to the park, beach, or other fun daily activities.

I am a trained singer and actor, I have basic training in dance, gymnastics, and cheer. I am great at Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field (hurdles, & long jump), Skiing, and Surfing. I genuinely love cleaning, cooking, and baking, I owned an ice cream sandwich shop with my mother. I'm also great at teaching new subjects in creative ways.

Part Time After School

University Of Southern California

Kappa Kappa Gamma

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CPR First Aid

Cooking Errands House Sitting Light Cleaning Organizing Pet Sitting Travel Sitting Tutoring