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Hi, my name's Alex and I'm originally from Illinois. I'm currently an undergrad at USC and am majoring in psychology. I love working with kids and have been babysitting since I was thirteen. I've spent four of my past summers working as a camp counselor where I was able to have the opportunity to work with a variety of age groups and teach. For two summers I worked as a camp counselor at an animal shelter I volunteered at and was able to teach kids about non-profits, TNR, and puppy mills. Two summers ago, I worked as a counselor at a park district near my home and was often in charge of 30-35 six year olds. Last summer I taught art (ceramics, painting, mosaic, etc.) to boys and girls aged 6 to 15 at a sleep away camp in upstate New York and at night was a cabin counselor for girls entering freshman year of high school. In high school I also was a Special Olympics basketball coach for elementary school children and I continue to work with programs like "Kicks for Kids" at my university that cater to special needs children.

I love to play sports, do art, assist with homework, or basically anything else the child is interested in. I am obsessed with the outdoors and am lucky enough to live in Southern California so I definitely enjoy being able to do a lot of activities out in nature with kids, be that going to the park, reading, or doing arts and crafts.

I have a lot of art and art teaching experience relating to ceramics, photography, pastels, sewing and many other forms of arts and crafts. I am very active and am an avid hiker and play a lot of sports such as tennis, volleyball and soccer.

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