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I am a sophomore Social Work student at Samford University, desiring to become a full-time missionary or a counselor. Last summer I spent two months in Guatemala as an intern for a mission and am planning to return this upcoming summer. On campus, I am the scholarship chair in Alpha Delta Pi, a part of Student Government and baseball program, and I lead a Bible study. I am originally from Atlanta, but Birmingham is quickly becoming home. I love baseball, reading, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, and traveling. Babysitting has been a part of my life since I was ten years old, in fact, that is when my best friend and I in fifth grade started our own version of the Babysitters Club, inspired by our very favorite books. While our fifth-grade selves couldn't quite get any babysitting business, a few years later I was a fully functioning babysitter. I have experience with all ages, 6 months to 15 years old (mainly carpool at that age) and also with special needs, ADHD, and multiples. For ten years I have served in the church nursery and am heavily involved with those programs. Currently, I am an after-school nanny for two days a week. My major constantly has me in the community working with children and even during the summer I am working in Child Development Centers in Guatemala. My life includes a lot of time with kids and I love it!

Due to having a close relationship with my younger brother, I have developed a love for sports and a basic level of ability. So I love playing outside, throwing around a football or baseball, or even inventing our own sport to play together. I would consider myself more on the girly side so arts and crafts and playing beauty salon are regulars whenever I babysit. Also, I love to cook; both the kids and I enjoy making fun recipes together. When I babysit I always try to look at the interests of the kids I am with and look to be creative with that activity. For example, one of my girls loves to read so we created her own library where her stuffed animals check out books and she does library activities with them. She even writes her own books to read to me. I love seeing the joy that she receives from that activity.

I have played the piano for 15 years and have been in a choir since I was young, I have experience with tutoring and mentoring as well. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I have a good sports knowledge foundation, which I have often utilized while babysitting. I have reliable transportation and a great driving record.

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