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I am currently a junior at UT and I am majoring in government and philosophy. I am a peer mentor for the Jefferson Scholars program at UT and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. I got my first babysitters "certificate" at our local hospital when I turned 13, but I've been helping out with kids since I can remember. I have two younger brothers and a multitude of baby cousins on both sides of the family; and I've been babysitting in my neighborhood and community since my mom would let me put up flyers. I've also been working at a few different summer camps in my area for the last four summers. I also have my own car in Austin and have more experience with carpool lines than I'd like :)

I think art is a really great way to connect with kids, or anyone for that matter, so I love incorporating drawing, painting, and anything arts and crafts related. I also grew up with very energetic brothers and played a lot of different sports growing up, so I'm game to run around outside and play just about any game the kids can come up with. There is also growing evidence that shows that getting outside in nature and being active for a little bit improves children's abilities to focus and since getting outside is so accessible in Austin I try to encourage that.

(1) I've worked at an art-based summer camp for the last two summers so I gained experience and project ideas from that experience. (2) I am passionate about reading and writing and have experience as a peer mentor and a volunteer tutor. I am most confident in my reading comprehension and writing tutoring abilities, but am comfortable helping with almost any type of homework/school subject. I can also assist with basic PSAT and SAT prep (though I have not been officially trained in these areas I received a 2220 on my SAT). (3) I love cooking and have a lot of experience in cooking with dietary restrictions. (4) I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and hope to eventually become a certified teacher.

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