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Hi! I am a Sophomore Biochemistry major and Psychology minor at UT, a competitive cheerleader at Cheer Athletics, and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. Because I'm a pre-med student, I have like 5 more years to really decide but I'm hoping to be a pediatric oncologist. I have been babysitting for 4 years, but basically 15 thanks to my crazy younger brother! My mother is a special needs teacher, so I have been privileged enough to have gained some experience and amazing memories with her students. More importantly, my mother is my best friend. Family and friends are extremely important to me! I love to have my plate full and am always going, going, going! I'm very talkative, organized, and curious. I see babysitting more as a favor for me because I really have made some great memories with great kids. I feel like they are always teaching me something new and helping me to grow.

I am still a kid at heart, so I am mostly up for anything! I love jumping on the trampoline, coloring/painting, baking, playing on swing sets, hide and seek(or peek-a-boo for little ones), tag, etc. I've had so many fun experiences from getting my nails painted, each one a different color which I rocked for a week, and playing dress up to building forts and playing with a toy train. My most favorite thing has to be talking though. I love hearing all of the silly things they say and how they think about things.

I am no artist, but I have always loved to paint as a stress-reliever. I mostly do bible journaling and things with words. I sadly am not musicsl but I am always up for a fun dance session or some tone-deaf dramatic singing to Ariel or High School Musical. In high school, I was involved with Peer Coaching where I took a class with a student with a disability to assist them and Partner P.E. where I was partnered with a special needs student in gym class, Special Olympics, and Special Needs Prom. I absolutely love science, so I could tutor for any level. I am also very good at English and can help with lower levels of math too. I am a competitive cheerleader, so I can teach/help with lower level gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. If desired, I could also do some fun bible study activities.

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