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I am kind, gentle and humble. I love kids because i know what it means to give direction to kids, to be there for them when they most need it, to give ears to whatever they have to say and show affection towards them. Kids upbringing is important as it largely forms who they become in future. Getting it right, i mean giving them the right direction is critical in making them a morally sound individuals in future. I myself had catholic upbringing in the school i attended and at a tender age could already point out the good and the bad way to live and the desire to choose the good way, with the moral decadence now in our modern world, i wish to contribute anything i can to point out the right way and attitude to the young, tender, and innocent minds.

Indoor and outdoor games

Music, handball, bead-making.

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Federal University of Technology/University of Houston

Christian - Catholic

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Cooking House Sitting Light Cleaning Organizing Overnight Sitting Travel Sitting Tutoring