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I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I have worked in a few different professional settings including spa management, banking, and immigration law but I recently discovered that my real passion is helping kids. I have always considered taking care of children a very fulfilling job. I have taken care of my nephews and little cousins (ages 2-12) for 3 years and the satisfaction that I gain from seeing them grow into such wonderful man, and being a part of it, far supersedes the satisfaction that I have ever received professionally. I have decided to follow my passion of invest time in the developing of skills and talents of children. Last but definitely not least, I am a devout Christian and this will strongly guide my interaction with your child/children. I come from a very devout Christian family and my husband is going to school for Evangelism and Missions so I will not be able to refrain from talking about my faith. I would never force my faith on anyone but my actions directly reflect my beliefs so it is very important that a family is comfortable with that.

I enjoy arts and crafts. My favorite thing to do is painting.

I enjoy painting in my spare time. I also speak Spanish.

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University of Texas at Dallas

Christian - Protestant

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Light Cleaning Organizing Pet Sitting