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I am originally from Chicago, but am here in Denver for college at the University of Denver. Back at home I worked at my elementary school's after care program with ages from 5-11. From that job i received multiple babysitting jobs and nanny opportunities. I am a prompt person, and understand that babysitting is a commitment and I make it a priority.

When I babysit kids I love to do arts and crafts, like paper cut outs, drawing pictures, if were feeling risky maybe a little painting craft. I also love doing puzzles with kids and working together to make a complete picture. When the kids are really energetic i love to have a big dance party and sing to awesome Disney music. Another activity I love to do is play fun games that the kids make up, for example: school, princesses, house etc. I love to also just have a chill night, with kids if they are feeling tired, and watch a movie or an episode of their favorite show.

I was a dancer for 16 years, focusing on ballet, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre and other studio type dances. I have been in choir since the first grade and am continuing it here at DU, in the Lamont's Women's Choir.

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University of Denver

Delta Zeta

Christian - Catholic

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Cooking Light Cleaning Organizing Overnight Sitting