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I talk very plainly and with good grammar, I'm very good with manors, I can cook very very well, I'm good with crowds and socializing, kids naturally almost always like me, I'm from an upper middle class family so I know how to clean up well and be presentable, I'm very good with school work except for math, I am young so I have the energy to keep up with kids through out the day and lastly I'm very big so I feel like in some crazy situation I would be able to protect a child.

I love artistic things and seeing the things they can create slowly get better and better. I like anything outdoors I would play ball, take them to the pool, go to the zoo, play at a park, go fishing at the lake, take them for picnics ect. I don't really enjoy letting kids watch tv for long periods of time, but some families are okay with it and if they are okay with their kids watching it that is fine. My main focus is to keep the kids happy, keep the parents happy, and keep a neat tighty home. At the end of the day I hope to have worn me and the children completely out so that we will all sleep good at night.

I have a lot of experience in art I was a art student for 4 years and I specialize in painting. I can cook extremely well anything you can think of from grill cheeses to Filet Mignons. I played foot ball, basket ball, base ball, swim team, tennis, track, so I am familiar with sports and would love to help the kids excel at them. I can swim very well and gave lessons in high school so I can teach them how to swim and help them if they make a mistake.

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CPR Life Guard

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