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Since the first time I babysitted my 3-year-old and 5-year-old cousins, I knew that I will always love playing and taking care of children. They are sweet, kind and always make my day brighter. I would do anything to keep the children safe and happy. Therefore, I can't wait to have a chance to meet your little angle. I am good with kids from age 3 and up. I am also comfortable with taking care of teenagers. Moreover, I'm great with pets (both dogs and cats and fishes)

Indoor activites: Knitting, painting/coloring, baking, singing, story telling, etc. Outdoor activities: hide and seek, gardening, having a pinic in the park etc. I'm very creative when it comes to activitives for kids to remain active with limited budget. Plus. I know how to make snacks so you kids will never feel hungry during their playtime.

Art and crafts

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University of Colorado Boulder

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Cooking Errands House Sitting Light Cleaning Organizing Pet Sitting Travel Sitting Tutoring