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Hello, My name is Paulla Sandoval. During my time in undergrad I cared for a a family of two boys. I did light house work, cooking, and cared for their boys. I would pick them up from school, take them to practice and ensure their homework was completed. We went for bike rides, park visit, picnics, going to the beach, and just getting outside to play and have some fun. I read to the boys a lot, we did arts and crafts, and we all got along very well. I followed the instructions giving to me by the Merveen Family. When I graduated I did not want to leave, I did some light babysitting after the boys grew up. I than was in the process of living for graduate school. I still keep in touch with the boys. They are in their teens. I still attend their birthday parties when I am in Michigan and I always send them a card with love. I am currently in Michigan making my way back to Dallas. I have power of attorney over my father's affairs and was taking care of that. Now, I am headed back to Dallas hoping to care for a family as that is what I like to do the best! I hold three degrees, I am bilingual, and I hold a CPR card certified. I am willing to do a background should I be selected for this position. Background checks are costly so that is why I am holding out. Most families want the most recent, so I ask that if I be selected know that I would pay for my background check. Best way to reach me is through email and then we can talk. is the best way to reach me. I do have a professional resume as well and be happy to answer any questions you may have! I am open Monday through Friday 430pm and on. Weekends anytime.

I love outdoor fun! Riding bikes, rollerblading, walking, going to parks, flying kites, swimming, playing and playing sports. I love taking the kids on trips to the Zoo or area museums. This gets kids out and active with other children so they don t get bored in the same environment. Color book time, making crafts, or building things with Legos are always fun. I like to challenge them to board games and thinking games as well.

I use to coach girls basketball league for a youth program at my church, volleyball and swimming were things I trained students on that needed an extra push. Tutoring is one of favorite things to do. English and History are my subject area. I can also teach/tutor Spanish.

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Grand Valley State University/Michigan State Univeristy

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CPR First Aid

House Sitting Light Cleaning Organizing Overnight Sitting Pet Sitting Travel Sitting Tutoring