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Recent graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology. One of three siblings. Middle child. Three years as a Teacher Assistant at Hyde Park Child Development Center in Austin. Most recently responsible for 11 two year olds, but in my three years I have worked with several different ages. Monitoring, Nurturing, Interacting, Potty training. Communication with parents. Thinking on my feet in situations where a decision is called for. Crisis management. Fostering life skills in children. Naturally drawn to children and them to me. Easy rapport. Able to assess and determine best way of interacting. Believe in team approach parenting style of parent important consideration in my interactions with child. 20 hours of training in child development and child safety each year of my employment.

Interactive play; reading to and with child; singing, drawing and coloring. Baking and cooking. Storytelling. Play outdoors, sports, go on adventures. Any homework help or academic assistance that is needed. I believe it is extremely important to communicate with the children and understand what they like to do best as well.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Minor in Sociology. Natural Leader/Encourager. Photographer. 13 years of soccer experience. Truly enjoy and am rather good at cooking and baking. Great with all animals - including horses, I have 2 of my own.

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The University of Texas at Austin

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Christian - Catholic

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Cooking Errands House Sitting Light Cleaning Organizing Overnight Sitting Pet Sitting Travel Sitting Tutoring