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I am a 19 year old from New Orleans. I started babysitting my cousins in middle school and have continued to babysit for many families since then. I have also been a day camp counselor at the JCC and a counselor at a sleep away camp in Georgia for 10 ten-year-old girls. In high school, I served as a mentor/tutor for a family with 3 children in elementary school, helping them with their homework and studying. I love kids and it's very easy for me to connect and make a relationship with them!

I like playing games like hide and go seek, board games, making up new games, playing outside/going on walks, doing things outside of the house like going to the zoo or playing at a park

I love any arts and crafts project and can think of new projects to do. I enjoy dancing and singing. Although I'm not the best athlete, I have three older brothers and have always enjoyed playing sports for fun

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University of Texas

Alpha Epsilon Phi


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Cooking Errands House Sitting Light Cleaning Pet Sitting Tutoring