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What's Different About MommyMixer

We're Exclusive

MommyMixer is committed to quality over quantity, attracting the best families and sitters and having the most amazing service in the sitting space. We intentionally keep the numbers small and focus on quality over quantity, and when a market fills up, there is a waiting list.

It's Private

Your privacy is our business. Sitter profiles are only viewable to paying families and you are in control over who gets your contact information. We will never share your phone number or email and leave that up to you to decide.

Mixers That Rock

Meeting in person is priceless and our Mixers give you an opportunity to meet one another in person and get a feel for each other before sealing the deal. Mixers take place at a cool shopping venue that usually provide our members with an exclusive one-night discount to their merchandise and moms and sitters simply love them.

Founded By Parents

We are working to find a simple solution to the ever-present "where do you find a quality babysitter and have access to some back-ups?" challenge.

Best Deal

Having access to our exclusive group of families and sitters is a huge deal! The quality of MommyMixer's private network is unmatched and we are certain you will be over the moon with your experience.

Mobile Friendly

Did we mention the new MommyMixer site is mobile friendly? So if you're on your tablet or phone, you are sure to be able to get the job done quickly and effectively on our new site.

Role Model, Mentor, Coach, & Tutor -- Rolled Into One Unique Sitter


"MommyMixer has given me opportunities to meet great families who are wiling to work with my crazy schedule."

MommyMixer - Austin Sitter Testimonial
Jessica S.
Sitter in Austin, TX

"My first MommyMixer event was a great success! I met several sitters who are going to be so much fun with my kids! I really enjoyed getting to chat with the sitters and find out their interests, education goals and availability. It will be nice to see a familiar face at the door when my husband and I are ready to go out for a date! I look forward to the monthly MommyMixer events to meet more great sitters and other moms!"

MommyMixer - Austin Family Testimonial
Amber Peters Withycombe
Family in Austin, TX

"I use MommyMixer because it is the easiest way for sitters to meet great families. I've been lucky enough to babysit for some amazing families who open up their home to me and truly want to see me succeed. The relationships I've made through MommyMixer will continue to help me professionally for the rest of my life!"

MommyMixer - Austin Sitter Testimonial
Ellen L.
Sitter in Austin, TX

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With MommyMixer you will have access to the highest paying sitter jobs in your city, and get to work with and know some amazing families.

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  • Get paid better with MommyMixer families
  • Work with amazing families and kids
  • Market yourself as 'more than a sitter'

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Family Membership

With MommyMixer sitter, you get so much More than a Sitter. Music, art, tutoring, sports specific skills are just some of the additional benefits of a MommyMixer sitter.

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$25.00 / month

  • Online access to sitters and contact info
  • Access to our AMAZING Mixers
  • Tutoring, Music, Arts, Sport Coaching and much more from a MommyMixer Sitter!

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